Sugar free banana cake


Sugar-free banana cake recipe. Also, this is a wonderful dessert for those who are trying to eat less sugar. The ripe bananas are what keeps this cake sweet!
I’m always looking for ways to consume less sugar in my life – while I’m still eating dessert. I can not give up all the good in my diet, so giving up on candy is not an option. That’s why I love recipes like this that use natural fruit sugars like orange juice and banana to sweeten the recipe.

My kids love bananas, so I buy a ton of them !! One might think that I am using some kind of underground monkey shelter, just for the large amount of bananas purchased.
But if they want bananas, bananas they will get it! I’d rather have my snacks on a banana and some sugary shit. I’m really trying to instill in my kids a love for healthy foods.

This cake is fantastic to serve for company or for an after school snack for your child’s hunger appetite.

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