Copy Me That Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan)
Copy Me That Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan)

Introducing Parmegan (vegan parmesan). See what I did there with the name? Yeah, I’m so clever. Ehem, this is a lovely, salty, nutty, cheesy, crumble that works perfectly for substituting parmesan. It’s so good that my parents (who aren’t vegan), have a giant jar of it in their fridge at all times and they don’t even purchase parmesan anymore! For real, no lies.

The cashew macadamia nut duo provides the perfect rich, creamy taste, the nutritional yeast adds a hint of cheesy flavour, and enough salt is added to match the saltiness of parmesan. Oooee I do love this stuff.


 Copy Me That Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan)

I like to make a container full of vegan parmesan and store it in the fridge so that I always have some at the ready. Parmegan is gorgeous on top of pasta dishes, salads, soups, pizza or anywhere that traditional parmesan would be used.

On another note, can you believe that this is the second recipe I ever posted on this blog!? My oh my how times have changed.

I decided to revamp this post as it was Ugly (with a capital U). See my original photo on the left, and my new improved photo on the right. Before and after shots for vegan parmesan, who knew that was a thing? Same recipe, but Sam has learned a thing or two about photography and blogging. Sam has also learned to speak in third person. Apparently, Sam, hasn’t learned that she isn’t speaking at all, but is typing. #stilllearning

To make Parmegan (Vegan Parmesan): simply toss all the ingredients into a food processor.

Pulse several times until it’s broken down into a fine crumbly texture. I like a bit of texture in mine, but if you prefer a powdery texture, pulse a few times more. Sprinkle away over all your favourite dishes!

Cuisine: American, Canadian, Italian
Servings: 24 (about 1 tablespoon per serving)
Calories: 38 kcal

Prep Time : 5 mins
Total Time  : 5 mins
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